A downloadable alpha for Windows

Out of Your Depth Alpha Build

This beta is intended for people signed up to the Out of Your Depth Closed Beta.
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Nautilus Games Studio
Produced by Morgan Skillicorn morgan.games
Lead Programmer – Corey Swankie @corey_swankie
Lead Designer – James Muirhead jamesmuirhead.co.uk
Designer – Yosqi Wilson
Art – Daniel Pukkila @DanielPukkila
Art – Nick Thursby
Sound – Olly Kerry

With The Help Of
Bovin Phann – Voice Acting Professional Mr Phann
Rui Terra – Soundtrack

Look - Mouse Move/ Left Thumbstick
Poke - Left Mouse/ A Button
Idle anim - Right Mouse/ Y Button
Camera Reset - R Key/ B Button
Camera Left - Q Key/ Left Bumper
Camera Right - E Key/ Right Bumper
Menu - Esc Key/ Start Button


Out Of Your Depth Alpha.zip 206 MB